The Story of Mandalas


The mandala is an ancient symbol, which has become a popular motif in modern days. Its origin is in the Buddhist tradition but it has been adapted by many religions and philosophies as a meaningful spiritual practice and motif.

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, and most mandalas have a geometric design with prominent circles and includes other shapes and colors in distinctive patterns.

Originally used as a tool to improve the skill of concentration, Buddhist students made intricate designs with colored sand. They were so focused on the detail of the design that they placed each grain of sand individually and each mandala would take weeks to complete. Definitely an exercise in concentration!

Mandalas also demonstrated the Buddhist philosophies of impermanence and detachment. Shortly after the sand creations were completed they were destroyed and swept away – a vivid illustration that ego attachment to things is unwise and unhelpful because nothing last forever.

In the centuries since mandalas first appeared in Buddhist monasteries, their design and application has expanded. They are meaningful to people in many spiritual traditions in Asia and around the world. Not just made in sand, mandalas may be painted on surfaces or made of many materials, including metal, and the term mandala has come to be recognized as any intricate geometric design.

Mandalas continue to have a deep spiritual meaning and are viewed by many as sacred symbols. Just as they did at the beginning, they can visually focus the mind and reduce the mental chatter, easing the mind into meditation. As a result, they represent the journey into oneself, and the wisdom and enlightenment that follow.

The circular shape has no beginning and no end, so mandalas represent the unity of all things in the universe and our connection to the never-ending cycle of life.

Because the mandala represents such deep spiritual truths, they are popular with spiritual seekers, and can be found as motifs on wall-hangings, clothing and jewelry. They can serve as a daily reminder of the sacred messages of enlightenment and connection. Our earrings beautifully express these eternal truths, combining the ancient shapes with modern design in shimmering sterling silver, complimented by a small center stone of coral, lapis lazuli or turquoise.

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