Large Solid Color Pashmina Shawl

$175.00 CAD
Pashmina is the ultimate in textile luxury.  The fibres originate from the softest grade of neck and under belly hairs of the Himalayan Mountain Goat - an animal equipped for extreme weather conditions.  Although cashmere has a big reputation, pashmina is higher quality - made from a higher grade of the finest of hairs from the same animal.  

Our large pashmina shawl has a higher percentage of pashmina (80%) and less silk (20%) making it softer and more luxurious than our medium shawl.  It also has extra length and width that provides for a more fuller coverage and an even more decadent feel.  

Materials:  80% pashmina: 20% silk    Silk is added to provide added durability and strength to the pashmina fiber.

Length:  24" x 84"

Handmade in Nepal: may contain slight variations

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