About Town Dhaka Scarf


This museum-quality hand-loomed textile makes a beautiful shawl to be worn over a coat or a stylish outfit.   It may also make a decorative and stunning table runner.  Lots of other possibilities to provide a unique decorative touch to make your own accent pillows or more!

Dhaka weaving is a technique originating in Dhaka, Bangladesh which made its way to Nepal and has been a very important hand loomed textile in the country.  The workmanship is exquisite!  The quality of weaving, creates a beautiful translucence to the material when held up in the light.  It is difficult to tell which side is the front or back given the high quality finishing.  Truly a beautiful piece!

Made of 100% mercerized cotton.  Hand wash and line dry.  Ironing is possible.  Material softens with use.

Size:  46 cm x 175 cm

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About Town Dhaka Scarf
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