Recycled Sari Double Loop Scarf

$35.00 CAD

At long last we are offering our beautiful SISTER SCARVES (recycled double loop sari scarves) online for wholesale clients.  You can purchase by color, letting us know how many of each you would like.  Individually photographing each scarf is impossible, but we are happy to connect by skype to show you some patterns.  Be in touch if you would like to purchase individually from 250-585-5509.

Made by a women's owned and staffed fair trade business in Kathmandu, our sisters have significantly upgraded the quality of these scarves since we began developing this product with them.

These vibrant scarves are made from retired saris worn by our sisters in the Himalayas.  The original 8 meter long saris worn for celebrations had slight imperfections caused by trampled hemlines from many journeys, tears from children clinging and holes from unexpected occurrences.  These saris are collected by other sisters who wash, sort, inspect and then recut, sew and iron into new infinity scarves to be worn by our North American "sisters" who appreciate the richly colored fabrics and soft texture.

Every time you wrap yourself in one of our SISTER SCARVES, you will be connected to the beautiful energy of every sister involved in its history.  We are proud to create this beautiful sisterhood of support through our fair trade business.  Join us.  Wrap yourself in these beautiful scarves and help us empower the women of Nepal through business.  Their beauty and our mission is empowering!

54" long

Although we can not guarantee the exact fibre content of our scarves given they are recycled textiles, we can guarantee that the fabrics are soft and fall nicely.  Many are silk.  


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